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For those who are interested in getting trained as Trabectome surgeons, NeoMedix offers scheduled training courses here in Tustin, California, and occasionally at Trabectome Centers, professional conference and trade shows in the United States and internationally.

This unique program is taught by certified Trabectome trainers. It is a great opportunity to learn more about this exciting breakthrough procedure.

Training program consists of completing a 3 part program:

PART 1: Didactic
This portion covers the background concept, performance and technical features, surgical pearls and technique, patient selection, pre-op, op, post op management regimes as well as latest clinical data on Trabectome are discussed.

PART 2: Wetlab
Using donor corneal rims, trainees get to experience hands on the practicalities of the Trabectome techniques. Important aspects such as identification of anatomy and landmarks, goniolens view, power/flow control, positioning and use of Trabectome handpiece are highlighted.

PART 3: Surgery Observation
Trainees have told us that there is no better place to learn the Trabectome procedure than to be “scrubbed in” next to a Trabectome trainer. However, please note that it is not always possible to observe live surgeries and NeoMedix offers alternative video based training sessions moderated by a Trabectome trainer.

All of the Training Program Parts can be acquired in any order, but we do require the completion of all three parts before you are certified to do your first Trabectome surgery. After you have completed 20 surgeries, you become a Trabectome Trainer and are encouraged and supported to pass on knowledge and experience to other surgeons.

Thank you to San Diego Eye Bank for their continued support in providing donor corneal rims for use in Trabectome Training.
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